Projection on the pavilion "USSR" at Moscow International Festival Circle of Light.
In the words of the song and abstract graphics we tried to express complex feelings about the present.

The music was made in collaboration with Jekka
realtime light installation and video projection in the unified sound environment

emptiness and imperfection
nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect

Dedicated to virtually emptied reality, installation reminds of the transit path through the life.

Moving towards their goals that are often caused by domestic needs, people find themselves in some odd places.
Sometimes there comes a sense of desolation and loneliness, a chance to look deeper into reality, feel free from the material world, to open paradoxically an invisible door into the transcendent.
One of these places is parking, built as a part of a supermarket - the goods distribution system.
It's a place people tend to pass quickly, almost without noticing, on the way from their comfortable cars to the stores. More or less clean space, sometimes cold, physically linked to the natural and social environment, as can be seen in its details.
A special materiality similar to delusion envelops one who comes there.
Focusing at the parking details, staying here - in a modern space of traditionally sacred column hall, - it’s complicated and easy to think of the ideal, of exit beyond the mental spheres of the industrial society.

Appeal to the personal, absolute mind, detached from society, is a method to raise the question of human position in the modernity.

MIMPI /mobile interactive multiparametric image/
is an experiment with abstract generative image and simple multiuser interactivity.

Everyone can influence the image with tilting a smartphone connected to the local network.
Sound by Lazyfish is also realtime synthesized and forms a whole with the graphics.
Audience's interaction with the installation floats between game, creation or contemplation, depending on participnts' mood and actions.
Visually complex image is a metaphor of virtual structures, which one can affect intuitively easy. Participant's mind is immersed in the process of influence and perception of emotional feedback.
Graphic style hints at futurist aesthetics and has a certain irony along with intention to rethink our attitudes to technology.

MIMPI v2 was presented at "The Fifth Dimension: Singularity" exhibition at MARS center, Moscow, 2015

Extremely simple mathematical concept, a set that contains zero elements, can be seen as a logical utopia, a conventionality.
The project explores possible reactions of a set to the events, a multitude’s memory and interconnections.
Sets are considered as dynamic environments that can organize unique forms of being.

FRAMED - platform for instantly collect artworks

The idea of ​​the project is based on reflections on the wave as a principle, as a way to describe real time phenomena, to recognize patterns of the surrounding reality.

We can notice wave properties of the processes in various aspects of reality, such as public reaction to significant events, emotional conditions, daily rhythms of city life, statistical data...

The points moving toward the center are the causes of events that occur when the points reach the spatiotemporal center and implement the present. Events' occurrence and their sound interact with other events that have already occurred, imposing, creating patterns of cause and effect, embodying the substance of life, with its drama and originality.
Diving into the wave of transformations by recognizing simple in the complex and complicated in the simple, one can explore their associative perception and the depth of the installation space.

В основе идеи проекта - размышление о волне как принципе, способе описать происходящее, понять закономерности в окружающей действительности.

Мы можем замечать волновые свойства процессов в разных аспектах реальности, таких как реакция общества на значимые события, эмоциональные состояния, ежедневные ритмы жизни города, статистика в разных областях...

Двигающиеся к центру точки - это причины событий, которые возникают, когда точки достигают условного пространственно-временного центра - и реализуют настоящее, происходящее. Возникновение событий, их звук - взаимодействуют с другими уже произошедшими событиями, накладывась, создавая паттерны причин и следствий, воплощая материю жизни с ее драматизмом и неповторимостью.
Погружаясь в волну преобразований, узнавая простое в сложном и сложное в простом, можно исследовать своё ассоциативное восприятие и глубину пространства инсталляции.

Imagine a future, where unlimited energy is available from annihilation sources.
In consequence of using annihilation, most of physical matter has disappeared.
So, there is no material for production of new things.
To maintain stability of life, Atomic Recycling system was created.
It allows users to process waste matter (except biological substances) to new objects. Recyclers work by reassembling existing elements and creating required ones using plasma fusion. Probability of fusion to heavier nuclei is very low, so the process can take a long period of time. Then materials are sequenced to print final item.

The film was created during workshop at HEAD Geneva in collaboration with CERN Idea Square.
tutors - Dominic Robson, James Auger
thanks to CERN scientists, especially Vladimir Gavrilov and Hugo Day for inspiration
concept, graphics - Alexandra Gavrilova
model - Anna Yudakova
camera, sound, video - Sergey Titov, Pavel Hrustalev
special thanks to Nataly Solovieva and MEL SPACE


Структура молнии - звезды взаимодействует с обьектами виртуального мира, движущимися над поверхностью нерегулярного паттерна.

Превращение в звезду с одной точки зрения - это феномен жизни, очарование и сложность бытия

Интервью для Be-in.ru

a timelapse to recall how transient are all the events in our life

full dome short film

E.j is an allegorical combination of two scientific notations, which are related to dramatic changes in technology, media and communications.

"E" stands for electric field and reminds of its effect driving semiconductor electronics, base of our information technology.
"j" is for imaginary unit, symbolizing highly abstract concepts as complex numbers, seemingly far away from physical and perceptible phenomena, but powering calculations of wavelengths, electrical current, resonances...

E.j is a metaphor of the connection between idea and material, of that edge where a new process starts towards expansion, marking a whole era. Dominating technology covered our life like a dome of recursive vaults, but when it comes to the maximum, a new phase begins, with another shape, formed by a new combination, unique and unexpected.

concept, visual idea, graphics - Alexandra Gavrilova.
concept, sound, mastering video - Sergey Titov.
synthesized with VVVV, SunVox, Nord Micro Modular.

GRADIENT is an abstract concept of continuously changing value, of transition between different states that occur everywhere - when shade is changing to light or cube is morphing to sphere, on the boundary between pure nature and life modified with technology.
When observing gradients at a closer look, we can notice how their apparent continuity is quantized with rhythms and patterns, and more gradients appear on edges of these details.

Shown at Moscow International Festival CIRCLE OF LIGHT 2014, on VDNKh pavilion №12.

The artwork was awarded with the 1st prize of ARTVISION MODERN video mapping contest.
Info about festival: lightfest.ru

concept, visual idea, programming of graphics - Alexandra Gavrilova.
concept, visual idea, sound, mastering video - Sergey Titov.
synthesized with VVVV, SunVox, Nord Micro Modular.
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