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E.j is an allegorical combination of two scientific notations, which are related to dramatic changes in technology, media and communications.

"E" stands for electric field and reminds of its effect driving semiconductor electronics, base of our information technology.
"j" is for imaginary unit, symbolizing highly abstract concepts as complex numbers, seemingly far away from physical and perceptible phenomena, but powering calculations of wavelengths, electrical current, resonances...

E.j is a metaphor of the connection between idea and material, of that edge where a new process starts towards expansion, marking a whole era. Dominating technology covered our life like a dome of recursive vaults, but when it comes to the maximum, a new phase begins, with another shape, formed by a new combination, unique and unexpected.
Проект был показан на фестивалях Plums (Москва), Fulldome Festival Jena (Йена, Германия) и Punto y Raya 2016 (ZKM, Карлсруэ, Германия).
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