light installation
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Point to Point is a visual concept of connecting different stars of astronomic database.
Visualization of the pathway connecting random stars of our galaxy from HYG stellar database (Hipparcos catalog + Yale Bright Star catalog + Gliese catalog).
The route connects totally different stars and gives a chance to compare their properties. Random selection of a new point creates three dimensional form, connecting them with lines. This is a figurative representation of our knowledge, which is not always consciously analyzing the data, but finds the special properties of the world, finds an opportunity to look at the course of nature from another point of view.
The first release of the concept comes with blinking lights of landscape wooden object Lighthouse / Mayak by Nikolay Polissky in Nikola-Lenivets park. Irregular lights mounted on top of 35 meters high construction.
Their blinking contains Morse encoded names and other parameters of selected stars.
It is possible to decode the message with mobile applications.
Проект был создан для фестиваля "Ночь новых медиа" 2014 в Никола-Ленивце.
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