PicChain stores encrypted pictures and visualizes them as abstract form.

PicChain was a crowdsourced net art project inspired by the blockchain technology pioneered by Bitcoin. Open, independent, and peer-to-peer, the blockchain is currently reinventing the world of finance and powering economic change, just as the abstract algorithmic imagery of PicChain evolves through the contributions of Internet users.
This artwork was a constantly growing chain of encoded images, a network co-created by spectators and visualised as an abstract virtual form. The user can then reconstruct his/her own original image and witness the animated process of its return into figurative picture.

photos by Svetlana Selezneva, Sergey Titov

created with LABORATORIA Art & Science Space
commissioned by Lykke

Online project, 2017
Part of parallel program of the 4th Ural Biennial
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